I can use local server A fine, but local server B kicks me out when I try to create a room.

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I'm working on a Quest 2 VR game with local multiplayer using Photon PUN, and I get to test out my builds in a VR arcade once in a while.

I successfully set up a local server using one of the public VR-dedicated computers on the premise as a test. I can connect to the server from the VR headset game, create a room and see other players who join. Nice. Of course that particular computer was never meant to be the actual server as that would be unpractical, so I decided to move on to a dedicated computer that happens to be brand new and repeat the same steps. What could go wrong?

Of course, that's where the troubles start. The second setup process was as smooth and straightforward as the first. I can connect to the server from the VR headset game alright, but when I try to create a room I get promptly kicked out from the server — and then it throws a generic "Exception", which is a bit vague. If I try again immediately afterwards, the room joining process fails and I'm told the "UserId already joined the specified game (JoinMode=1)".

This is puzzling to say the least: the setup is exactly the same as before. Both computers are even connected to the very same router using Ethernet. The server runs fine on the brand new computer, but for some reason it just won't let me create a room. I assumed this might be a permission issue, so I removed or disabled every possible source of interference I could think of (antivirus, firewall, etc) to no avail. I'm kinda baffled.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!


  • Please give us more information about the exception. Preferably the entire line which it prints.

    Have you edited the load balancing application at all?

    Are your IP addresses in the GameServer config pointing to local host or the current machine IP or something else?

    Is it a socket reset exception?

  • Thank you for your response.

    DisconnectCause only returns "Exception", with no specifics; it doesn't say it's a socket reset exception or anything, just "Exception". I haven't edited the load balancing app. The IP congif points to the current machine's IP.

    Here's how it goes:

    1. Try to connect to server
    2. Succeed in connecting to server
    3. Try to join or create room
    4. Instantly get disconnected from server
    5. Cause is described as "Exception"
    6. Try to connect to server again
    7. Succeed in connecting to server again
    8. Try to join or create room
    9. Fail to join and "UserId already joined" error is thrown
  • Hi @PascalTheDog,

    Did you check server logs? they should contain more information.

  • PascalTheDog
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    Hey JohnTube,

    I've checked the logs, and this (in MSMaster.log) seems to be the offending part. Can't say I really understand what's going on, though.

    Pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/tvyib4xw

  • PascalTheDog
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    For comparison, this is what goes on with the other server; the one to which I can connect fine.

    Pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/88iuw0QC

  • Hey @chvetsov,

    Could you take a look at the logs in the last two posts?


    I will also move this discussion to Photon Server category.

  • hi, @PascalTheDog

    I do not see in logs anything that could shade any light on what is going on.

    could you also share stuff from bin_Win64/log folder?

    did you try to stop server on first machine and start it only on second one?



  • My apologies for the wait. Here are all the log files, from both the operational and faulty servers.

    WeTransfer link: https://we.tl/t-RxwSAB041h

  • hey, @PascalTheDog

    I've checked logs. and still do not see any error on our side. I mean server code. if you get exception that mean that you rather fail to connect to game server. In case 'succ' I see that you were connected in case of 'fail' I do not see this. Master server log looks same for game creation stage.

    did you check firewall settings? are all corresponding ports open?

    what client are you using? what version it has?



  • Hey,

    I have disabled every firewall I could find, and every process that might be a source of interference (antivirus, etc).

    I haven't touched ports. What should I do to check and make sure those are set up properly?

    I'm using v2.36.


  • hi, @PascalTheDog

    you can use telnet. Just try to open corresponding ports.

    also try to change protocol that you are using to connect. Usually it is UDP, try to use TCP