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How do you send data to client from the server.

2021-06-24 13:25:21


I am very sorry to answer this as it looks like I don't understand anything, or that I didn't bother trying to gather the info myself. I honestly read the Server documentation multiple times and tried to find on the forum, but I do not see something simple to start building around, everything is only for client side which is really easy indeed, but it's not what I am looking for.

I setup Unity with PUN, and I downloaded and setup a C# project with a custom plugin following the step by step.

so right now I have

        public override void OnCreateGame(ICreateGameCallInfo info)  
            this.pluginLogger.InfoFormat("OnCreateGame {0} by user {1}", info.Request.GameId, info.UserId);  

which works, my user create the room and the logs appear.

From here I am stuck, I have some game logic already on the client, and I know what to do on my server, but I do not understand how they communicate. It might be me, but the documentations is a bit unclear on this point but hopefully there is a lot of TestPlugin where we can get some interesting info, thank you for that.

  • is PluginHost.BroadcastEvent for broadcasting to multiple actor but also a single one ?

  • Should I use only event ? I saw that there is 199 event possible, so I should bind an event to each of my operation ? wouldn't that make a gigantic switch that would dispatch to appropriated events ? Is it always

  • what is PluginHost.SetProperties is it to set property to an actor but on the server map only ?

If it would be possible to have a very simple implementation of client send data to server, server process the data and respond to that client, it would help me a lot getting started.

Thank you, and sorry again.


2021-06-24 17:04:53

Hi @Fedelpiero,

Thank you for choosing Photon!

Very good questions.

  • PluginHost.BroadcastEvent name is misleading. It's the equivalent of RaiseEvent from client side. Use it to send custom events to one or more actors.

  • There are no custom operations (if you want something operation-response async. similar: instead use custom event code for client to server and another event code for server to client). You can use custom events or room/actor properties. You don't have to use as many events, do you need all those?

  • PluginHost.SetProperties is the same as SetProperties client side, use it to set actor or room properties.

You can send data to clients inside plugin hooks methods, from a timer or from a HTTP response callback.

The manual and the FAQs pages have more info.!
Let us know what you tried and if you have specific questions

2021-06-28 13:15:38

@JohnTube thanks for your answer.

I tried today reading again the code in the doc :

Server :

Client :

But nothing ever recieved althougt I do create a new room and the Room Joined works

Could you help only on this ? thanks !

I saw post like this

and already tried to add

or the other one with the addCall+=

2021-06-28 15:43:03

Hi @Fedelpiero,

Please read the documentation or finish PUN Basics Tutorial or another YouTube tutorial for PUN2.

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