Some questions about fusion limits


I have questions about limits in Photon Fusion:

Data: Lets say I have game where all objects (items, skills and creatures) can be customized to the level that we need to transfer all of them to all players, creating total of about 10MB of managed data, that is then undergoing partial changes at some "random" intervals (ie moving, being damaged, enchanted, re equipped etc) that represent about 10kB /s of change at peak times.

Question 1: Should i use single networked object or one for each entity?

Question 2: Should I force all data to be stored in networked collections and networked variables recommended for Fusion or serialize everything on my own and send is a byte[] / memory stream via RPC?

Question 3: while we are limited to 500msg/s are we limited by the size of the messages? Is there limitation like it was in PUN where messages above 4kB were not send? Is there buffer limit we should be aware of and sending more data would simply fail on top of other limits?

Question 4: Is there a way to send data directly to some other used without bothering Photon server (ie setting up game with other players via Photon server, but then sending compressed image directly toward other player without saturating server communication)

Thank you ;)