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"AssertException: Invalid temp alloc size" when using huge amount of NetworkRB

2022-09-19 10:39:35

Hey guys! I'm currently working on a project using photon fusion sdk. I'm using single-host mode. And I started to get this error - "AssertException: Invalid temp alloc size: -148784856" - on client side right after the scene is loaded. Alloc size number does not make sense and can vary. This error is sometimes followed by "System.InvalidOperationException: Not Found" from Fusion.Simulation.FindSnapshot function. I figured out that it has smth to do with NetworkedRigidbodies. The scene itself has a huge amount of NetworkRigidbodies (~ 5000 of them). Disabling some of them helps to get rid of the error. So it's quite obvious, that some limit is exceeded. But I'm trying to figure out what exactly the reason is, and what limit is causing this error to appear. Tweaking network project config values, like mtu or heap settings, does not seems to change anything. Do you have any ideas, guys? Any help would be greatly appreciated


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