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Unity Convert Mirror Project to Photon?

2023-03-24 09:32:13

I know this is probably a relatively complicated thing to do, but I'm trying to figure out how to convert a project i have(built using the CCG Kit) from Mirror to Photon. The reason is i don't really know how to get the server set up in Mirror, and I have a lot more experience with Photon than Mirror...

Is there some guide out there on how to do this? I had some of the project converted, i even had it connecting to the Photon Server, but the "messages" really confuse me(not sure that's specific to this project, or if it's a Mirror thing). They seem to be structs that hold various variables that get sent across the server, i imagine if i could convert these to RPC calls it'd be a lot easier, but I don't really know how...

Sorry for the vague question, not really sure what else to add, if there was a guide on all the steps required to convert from Mirror to Photon that'd be great.


2023-03-27 15:53:43

I am not aware of any such guide, sorry. I guess you will have to make a mental map of which Photon feature replaces which Mirror feature and then go one by one. I know first hand that porting between network solutions is messy for quite a while. In doubt, comment out all code you temporarily don't need to work, comment with a TODO and get the project into a compiling state, then add game logic bit by bit.

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