Can photon make game like Rise of kingdoms or similar

I want to make a strategy game idea is I server hold 40k players not at the same time maybe 100player playing on server at the same time but the idea is I can't use photon pun system but I don't want to make player host in that part and I should use photon server not pun make my dedicated server but I don't know where to start I made some games with photon but it was P2P, not dedicated so i don't know where to start learning, or is there any examples of what I'm trying to achieve

game general systems: its a city builder / open field war game with a hexagon map system


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin

    I guess I would go for a mix of services to implement this.

    One part is the long term building. I'd do that web based (http server, some logic and a DB). Part two would be the realtime battles, where you could use Photon.

    Either use Photon Realtime and the Photon Server (this could be really lean, cheap to run and scalable) or use Fusion, maybe in Shared Mode (where not one particular player is the host).

    We don't have a sample for this and I doubt there are plenty on the web. This is quite ambitious, so .. you may want to make baby steps for each part to inch forward - instead of attempting to make a full blown game right away get the systems up and coordinated.