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Two Different Websocket

2019-06-17 00:58:53

I'v come across a little problem, somehow 2 different versions of websockets are mixing after importing photon PUN 2 in my project.
This is because i have substance asset as well, which is pretty important for my project.

I have managed to fix this error by removing websocket-sharp.dll from the photon folder.

Now my question is, will photon work with no problem with this dll removed? Is there a safer approach in solving this? I do not want to counter any future problem because i deleted this dll from Photon.

Thank you


2019-06-17 12:12:20

Hi @Admir,

Thank you for choosing Photon!

will photon work with no problem with this dll removed?
In theory yes, we didn't test this, however. I can see the versions of the 2 DLLs are different. I don't know about plugin platform settings in Unity Editor.

This is the first time we encounter this.
The substance asset that includes WebSocketSharp is this one?

2019-06-17 13:49:47

Thank you for quick reply @JohnTube,

Yes, that is the one, you can import that substance asset and photon PUN2 in the empty project and you will get the same error, just tested it again.

2019-06-17 13:58:01

I have also located another dll file from substance, after removing that one, problem is solved again.

Maybe the better solution is to remove websocket from substance like this, so that photon won't show any troubleshoot in the future because of his own websocket-sharp.dll.

I will wait for your review on this then decide which dll to remove completly without breaking anything.

2019-06-18 10:48:21

Hi @Admir,

We recommend removing "Assets/Allegorithmic/Plugins/Substance/Livelink/Editor/Plugins/websocket-sharp.dll" ( and keeping "Assets/Photon/PhotonLibs/WebSocket/websocket-sharp.dll" ( as it's slightly newer.

Besides, Substance should not rely too much on this library, it is used in Editor only, maybe it has some account or sync feature required by Adobe (called "LiveLink"?).

2019-06-18 14:01:08

Thank you again for your feedback, the one from the substance is removed. Everything works fine now.

Have a nice day!

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