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Can't spawn objects/rpc in shared mode

2022-04-17 20:40:28

Hi there!

I'm trying to implement fusion in our VR game, and I've chosen to use it in shared mode. (You claim the object you're holding/interacting with).

However no matter what I do, no object is spawned or RPC is recieved on another client.

The decal is spawned locally once from the first spawn, but not on any other clients.

How do I spawn something in shared mode?

Thanks in advance!


2022-06-15 13:32:03

Hi @Lamos ,

When running in Shared Mode, any client can call spawn and the prefab will be created on all other clients.

The way you are doing it, every client will create their own copy of the Prefab, which is not what you intended, as you are calling an RPC to be invoked on each client, so each one will create their own copy.

You should be able to just invoke "NetworkRunner.Spawn" from the client you want to create the Decal, and that should be enough to sync it on all others.


Ramon Melo

Photon Fusion Team

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