Any plans to support the Godot engine?


Hello all - is there any plans to support the Godot engine? Would be really cool to have a plugin for Godot to take advantage of how awesome photon is!


  • ramonmelo

    Hi @DJK0SH3R ,

    Unfortunately no, our focus is mainly on Unity Engine, and a few other Photon products can also be used on Unreal. 

    Sorry for that.


    Ramon Melo

    Photon Fusion Team

  • DJK0SH3R
    edited June 2023

    @ramonmelo Are you sure? Godot is extremely popular, supports C# for scripting, and is seriously lacking a networking tool like Photon to make more advanced multiplayer games way easier to make. I feel like there is a huge market opportunity for you here. :D