About photon local server setting

Hello. Everyone .. current I am working unity photon project for UFE engine..

I am testing (Unity Fighting Enging) project using photon

I've installed this package to my project.

and I've download this photon server

and execute that with my ip

and in unity editor I've set photonsettings as like this

but project don't access to my local server.

how can I use this photon local server on my pc so that I can test that game for multimode?


  • hi, @tatiana

    some of your screen shots does not work. However I can assume that you may have two issues:

    • Nameserver.json has localhost as master server address. it should be updated
    • in GameServer.xml.config should be updated two settings PublicIpAddress and if you are using ws/wss PublicHostName.
    • Also if GS and MS are on different machines you have to set master server address in GameServer.xml.config



  • Hello. ilya.. thank you for your reply.

    and sorry for my miss items for webGL.

    Current I am testing webGL build.. on my think, this photon sdk don't provide webGL building on local.

    anyway let me try your suggestion.. :)

  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @tatiana,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    You are using Photon Server v4, we recommend using Photon Server v5.

    WebGL requires WebSocketSecure connections from client.

    So you need to setup WSS listeners and especially secure TLS/SSL certificate (self-signed locally for development). Here is how to do it in v4 and how to do it in v5.

    For PUN2, here is how to connect to v4 and how to connect in v5.