where to find my fusion app id ?


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I try to create a project in Unity3D with Fusion Tanknarok Multiplayer asset.

But i have a windows that ask for fusion app id after import the asset. Where to find my fusion app id ?

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  • Go to your project page: https://dashboard.photonengine.com/

    If you've already created a project for Tanknarok, then your AppId will be displayed there. If not then you'll need to create a project for Tanknarok, this will generate an AppId and then just copy that into the Fusion Setup window.

    Also something else to know. In Unity, go up to the menu and find Fusion and then select "Fusion Hub". Select Fusion Setup. This is where you can enter the AppId. Also there's a shortcut to take you to the project dashboard. It's good to be familiar with the Hub, especially the Setup window since it has access to useful links.