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Totally SOLVED how to get photon view or game object of owner

2017-09-17 13:58:50

i have an scene object and i want to be able to get the game object of the current owner - is this possible? i ve searched for hours with no success.
thanks in advance for the help


2017-09-17 15:59:18

partially solved

if anybody else needs this - only seems to work with



GameObject pl = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate (, spawnPt.position,spawnPt.rotation, 0) as GameObject;  
		pl.GetComponent().owner.TagObject = pl;

to get the game object of the owner

PhotonPlayer p = photonView.owner;  
GameObject pp = p.TagObject as GameObject;

even when p does not return null, owner.tagObject returns null every time

Any ideas why tagObject doesn't work like this?

2017-09-17 21:01:07

i misunderstood how tag object works,
make sure you set owner.tagobject from void Start() on a script on the photon view and not during PhotonNetwork.Instantiate

this works:)

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