Players are active in the same scene, however can't interact with each other.

Hello, I am learning Photon Unity Networking for the first time, and am going off exclusively the stuff given in the initial tutorials. I have a player that is being instantiated using PhotonNetwork.Instantiate();. The players have a large sphere that they can interact with. The sphere has a "PhotonView" component as well as a "Photon View RigidBody" component. This is visible to both players in the room. When the ball is acted upon by one player, it is seen to move in the others screen. However, the players, despite having PhotonViews attached to them (including transform, rigidbody, and transform classic) they are still not visible.

The prefab for the payer is in a resource folder.

The player prefab is being instantiated in both the editor and the built executable.

The photon view component has the following

Ownership Transfer: fixed

Observables: Unreliable on Change

Observables search: Auto Find Alll

I also have Universal Render Pipeline installed and its shader type is applied to the player prefab. The game manager as well as the launcher scripts that I have created don't appear to be the source of the problem. I cross referenced them with the existing launcher and game manager scripts and have found them to be nearly identical.

I've been looking to narrow down the problem as much as possible before asking this question, however I have not managed to solve it. Please get back to me as soon as you can if you have any information.

Thank you.