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player animation states not syncing over the network on joining the room

2022-09-19 17:08:56

Hello, I have been having issues with player animation states syncing over the network in our game. So, the idea is to make the player sit on entering a room(player animates from stand to sit), the issue here is late joiners see the earlier players standing and players who join afterwards sitting. I have the photonanimatorview and photontransformview attached to the player prefab. photonanimatorview also looks over the enum animation states. The interesting thing here is when I look locally from a late joiner's instance, the eariler player's photonanimatorview shows the enum state as sitting but they still are standing. So, I am currently blocked at this issue and would appreciate some guidance.


2022-09-21 08:55:48

Apparently, this somehow did not trigger the correct animation (even though the state updated correctly). This is odd indeed. Is there a way you could apply the state to the animation once more?

I would not sync this as part of the animation state. Instead, you could send this sort of state in an "observable" script via OnPhotonSerializeView. Then, trigger the animation.

PUN is rather old and put into "legacy mode". We won't be able to fix all problems with it. It should be "open enough" to replace the AnimatorView with something that applies the state.

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