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Error joining room code 32758 "Game does not exist" (2 unity projects with same Photon AppId)

2022-01-16 16:30:39

Hello there,

I have made a multiplayer game on PC using Unity & Photon PUN, and now I am trying to make it also available on mobile devices (Android, iPhones etc.) in a separate Unity Project (as the features and options I'm implementing are different between these 2 platforms).

When I set up the mobile project I made sure to use the same AppId from the dashboard, and I am also allowing the user to choose which region to connect to- but for some reason when I try to join the room from the mobile project, I get an error code 32758 ("Game does not exist").

I've tried searching for a solution online but couldn't find one that actually solves my problem...

By the way: not sure if it is relevant to my issue, but before I used to just connect without passing custom AppSettings (so it would just connect me to the best region), and I have a text in my scene that displays the PhotonNetwork.CloudRegion. It used to display only "", but now (after letting the user to choose the region) it displays "/*".

I will appreciate any attempt to help, many thanks in advance and have a wonderful day!


2022-01-16 16:36:58

Forgot to mention: the rooms are created only in the PC version of the game. The mobile version can not create rooms but should be able to join rooms...

2022-01-17 14:12:58

Managed to solve it after I found out the AppVersion should also include the version of Photon PUN ("_").

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