Networking VR with XR Interaction Toolkit & Oculus SDKs

I'm working on a project based around the XR Interaction Toolkit and Oculus Integration currently, and potentially also using the Meta Avatars and the brand new Oculus Interaction SDK.

I've taken a look at the HelloVR and DragonHuntersVR samples for Fusion and see how they handle separation of capturing input vs. applying it, but it's done at a relatively low level. Has any work been done around adding server authoritative networking support to the locomotion, interaction and other components provided by the XRI / Oculus SDKs?

I'm about to start experimenting with this to see what I can get going, but any pointers or guidance from anyone who's already gone down that road would be very much appreciated!




  • Hi Laurie,

    I'm in the same position as you were, trying to use XR interaction toolkit with Fusion..

    Did you get it to work, using the functionality of XR interaction toolkit ??

    Best regards


  • Did you have a look at the mentioned VR samples?

    Which functionality do you not get to work?

  • SorenMuller
    edited May 17


    Sorry for the delay..Just got rushed to oyher project..

    I based my test on the HelloFusionVR and added XR interaction toolkit to that..

    I got the XR Origin Rig to work with head and hands..

    But when trying to pick up cubes with the "XR Grab Interactable" script, then just move slightly but stay in position..

    Probably something with XR Interaction Toolkit using FixedUpdate and Fusion using FixedUpdateNetwork..

    Not sure though...

    KInda out of ideas to get it working.. :-|