error CS0103: The name 'PhotonEditorUtils' does not exist in the current context

Hi there, I was following a Valem tutorial on adding photon voice to a multiplayer VR project I am working on, the first issue I encountered was that when I imported Photon Voice 2 there was no voice app ID section in the server settings, so I reloaded the project anyway and had to start in safe mode because of the error stated above showing up in three files, from some research I understand this is probably because PhotonEditorUtils is not being loaded in or compiled in time for photon voice but I have no idea how to solve that the safest way and would like some tips or support on the matter, the files affected are: PhotonVoiceEditorUtils.cs lines 42 and 96 and VoiceConnectionEditor.cs line 98, any help would be much appreciated as I am new to unity and photon (and VR),



  • Commenting out the effected lines seems to have solved the issue but feels wrong
  • Do you mind explaining how you fixed this a bit more?
  • JohnTube
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    Hi @Stephen, @maxmark888,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    We are aware of this issue which is due to some files that were deleted from PUN2 which is included in Photon Voice 2. Those files are editor scripts that Photon Voice 2 depends on.
    In order to fix this, the best way is to delete "Assets/Photon" folder and re import Photon Voice 2.

    We will try to make this go away in the next version so updates won't cause this anymore hopefully.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience!

  • Thank you. So do I reimport all the photon files? (photon voice and normal photon)
  • JohnTube
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    Well after deleting root Photon folder you won't have any Photon file in your project.
    We always recommend importing Photon Voice 2 package only if you need PUN2 and Photon Voice 2 and not import PUN2 separately.
    So import everything from Photon Voice 2 or just the files you need if you want to exclude some.

  • Alright. Thanks for the help. If I get an error, I'll wait for the update. How long do you think until the update?
  • maxmark888 wrote: »
    Do you mind explaining how you fixed this a bit more?

    This resolved the issue although I'm not sure how damaging it could be later down the line, but at least I don't have to reorganize my entire project because I started out without Voice2:

    The files they come from are stated above in my last message, hope it helps.
  • JohnTube
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    The solution here is to do a clean import.