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How difficult is Fusion/Quantum compared to PUN2?

2023-01-31 16:59:04

In my project I'm using PUN2 and it's not super difficult to work in it. Mostly I just check isMine, or RPCs or PhotonInstantiate.

Recently I found out about Fusion/Quantum and I was wondering is switching to the faster solutions a good idea? How much of an improvement are they from PUN2 and how much more difficult are they?

I should note that the game I'm working on is 4 player open world rpg and I've been doing good with PUN2 but now that I have come to AI I'm having difficulties and are the faster solutions better for AI?

Also I don't know if I should use Fusion or Quantum? Which is better for my case? Thanks in advance for any help.


2023-02-03 00:24:56

I haven't used Quantum, but I've used both Fusion and PUN 2.

Fusion's architecture is very different to PUN, largely because it's server/host-authoritative. It took me a while to get used to it personally. You have to handle input and syncing player variables in a completely different way. I don't know that it would be easy to convert a PUN-based project to Fusion.

Having said that - Fusion is where Photon seem to be focusing their energies now, and it has a lot of improvements over PUN in my opinion. Built-in lag compensation is a game-changer for combat-based projects especially.

2023-02-06 15:40:45

Fusion uses a Host or Server. This means, you have one instance, which can run AI naturally. This could be a benefit.

Fusion is also better at syncing a lot of networked objects (or not syncing them, if they didn't change). Another pro for open world games (likely lots of networked instances, longer gameplay).

Overall, Fusion will be a lot better but yes, it requires a rewrite and some getting used-to. The benefits are in the longer run.

If you are happy with PUN, finish your project. In the end, it only matters that the game works.

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