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Teleport a player to a location

2020-06-13 15:41:52

Hi, anybody know how to teleport the local player to a Vector 3 location from an UI (more precisely: a button) ?
I use the usual MyPlayer.position = new Vector3(59.611f, 25.67776f, 317.791f); with public Transform MyPlayer;

inside a "void TP1()" function but it do not seem to do the trick with PUN



2020-06-22 21:14:37

Hello! First off, make sure your player's transform is connected to the transform MyPlayer:

transform.position = MyPlayer.position;

Then, simply change your void TP1 function to:

void TP1(){
MyPlayer.position = new Vector3(59.611f, 25.67776f, 317.791f);

And call the function like so:

gameObject.GetComponent().RPC("TP1", PhotonTargets.All);

This will call the function on everyone's client. Cheers!

2020-06-24 11:45:35

Thank's it work well ! Have a good day !

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