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I'm here again, this time to ask for a feature. In our game we were using Time.timeScale to create slow-motion.

Is it possible to recreate that in TrueSync? Or it will be possible in next release maybe?

Thank you @JeffersonHenrique. (I tag you because I think you are the most suitable person for this type of question).

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  • Hi Andrea,

    Jeff might answer you in more detail, but the wait to implement slow motion in a lockstep system is to simulate a physics step (and SyncedUpdate callbacks) only every other tick (for 1/2x), or once every three ticks (for 1/3x), etc. We can also make the simulation run faster by simulating multiple steps in a single tick to achieve 2x, 3x, etc.

    We currently don't have a built in feature for that right now, but it is something we can include in TrueSync, specially because it will be very useful for the replay system.

    @JeffersonHenrique, can you put this in our internal roadmap? Setting simulation speed (not tick time, but actually the number of physics steps to be simulated per tick.
  • Hello guys,

    It is an useful feature to include in TrueSync, we will work to include in the next releases @erre, maybe not the next one (1.0.6) but in the 1.0.7 is feasilble. Thanks for the post.
  • Thank you guys!
  • Devis
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    any news about this feature?


  • Hi @Devis,

    Not yet, it is on our internal roadmap but we are fixing and improving some other features first.
  • Hi @JeffersonHenrique,

    I've a question about Timescale. Your lockstep simulation is running in FixedUpdate(), so if we set Unity's timescale (in the same frame on each client), every step is done at a lower frequency.

    If we suppose to have a good interpolation method, in order to do a slow motion effect it should be sufficient to set Unity's time scale on all clients. Is it correct?
  • Hello @Devis,

    In theory you are right, but this need to be done by TrueSync's internal engine because we have to be very careful about rollbacks and its impact on time scale. Thanks for the contribution to this matter.
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