How to create a squad/party system and join a game together?

We're introducing a new squad/party feature to our game and are having trouble conceptualizing how to do matchmaking with groups of players. The new mode will have teams of 2 to start, with up to 10 teams joining a game. My current idea for how to implement this is as follows:
  1. Join both players to a special, private room with a max player count of 2.
  2. Have the party leader begin a search for a true game room, stating that they'll need 2 opens spots and passing the other player as an "expected player."
  3. One the party leader finds the room, communicate the room code to the other player so that they may join as well.

However, the issues that I think are present with this solution are:
  • When players are joined to a room they can't actively search for other rooms since they're connected to the game server, not the master server
  • Once the leader joins the actual game room they'd lose any method of quickly informing their group mate of what room to join (No RPC or changing of Room Properties since they're no longer in the same room)

Are these issues true? Any ideas about how to navigate around them? I know you can do outside-of-room communication between players using Photon Chat but ideally we're trying to stick with just PUN. Thanks for any help!
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