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[SOLVED] Fusion linux dedicated server Segmentation Fault

2023-03-31 10:06:45


I have a dedicated server build running on Unity Multiplay. Everything works fine in windows with my build, but when hosted on the Unity infrastructure, it happens to end with a segfault at seemingly random times.

Here is the stacktrace:

Again, everything works perfectly on windows. at first I thought that the server the build was running on went low on resources, but after benchmarking how much RAM it used, everything should have been fine. My RAM usage on windows barely goes above 200MB and my server has 800MB allocated. I even tried allocating more, with 2GB RAM servers, but sadly got the same results.

I'm not sure whether the issue comes from Unity or Fusion, so I'm also asking the question here. I thoroughly searched for people who may have the same issue and found a few segfaults of dedicated fusion servers running on linux but none of the stacktraces I fell upon looked like mine.

Thanks in advance.


2023-03-31 16:32:39

I've been compiling with Mono. After switching to il2cpp, the segfault disappeared.

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