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Leaving a room and joining a new random room?

2021-11-11 22:37:49


I am trying to leave a room and join a new random room. On my OnLeftRoom() handler, I try calling PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomRoom(newRoomHash) but I get the following error:

So by the look of this error, I need to do some handling of the MasterClient, however I am not sure what. The documentation says the following about the LeaveRoom() function which I am calling:

LeaveRoom (bool becomeInactive=true) Leave the current room and return to the Master Server where you can join or create rooms (see remarks)

So based on the above docs, I am attempting to do just that -> Leave the current room and join or create another random room. In my current test, I am the MasterClient as I am the only player. Should I be disconnecting completely? That would not seem to make sense. Please advise the best approach and what I need to handle in regards the master client.


2021-11-12 03:01:15

Hi!, Usually OnLeftRoom is used to clean the user's list when the local user leave the room. For example:

After you leave a room the method OnConnectedToMaster is called. So I suggest you to create another method to Join a random room after you connected to master.

So don't use PhotonNetwork.JoinRandomOrCreateRoom() in OnLeftRoom method

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