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Selecting the right Photon product

2022-03-07 12:05:53

Hello everyone!

I am reviewing the different photon products in order to identify which one of them fit better with our development requirement.

Our game will be developed using Unity Engine for the client side. Probably we will develop the server side on Unity, but we didn't decide this part yet, this may change depending of the server performance and scalability.

We should have multiple dedicated and authoritative servers running on a hosted machine (or multiple ones) . Each game server should be able to manage between 50 and 100 players connections. Apart of that for some areas of the game, we should have a host player (running a game server instance) that should enable to connect between 2 and 10 players together, or even just play alone.

1- From my research, I think Photon Fusion seems to be a good solution. But I want to know your opinion. Which Photon product fit better with these requirements?

2- Apart of that, is any Photon product include game server hosting? (in order to host the server build)

3- Is any Photon product include game server orchestration? With "orchestration" I am referring to the instantiation of different game server on the same machine or other one in order to scale acording the number of players.

Thank you very much!


2022-03-07 15:21:55

Thanks for taking the time to check out the various product pages and docs we got.

You are on the right path, I would say: Fusion definitely fits these requirements and as long as you don't plan WebGL clients soon, it will do well. 50 to 100 players is well within the target of Fusion.

Mixing games of Hosts and dedicated servers is doable with Fusion. We don't host Unity instances, so this is something that needs a solution on your end.

Orchestration is also not done by us, no. We thought about it but so far, we can't offer this as solution.

2022-03-10 09:24:28

Hello Tobias,

Thank you very much!

Another doubt that I have is that on the Photon Fusion Introduction indicates the next as a possible architecture:

"Shared Mode with Custom Server: Fusion's Photon Server plugin has full access to the game-state even without Unity. Writing light server game logic is achievable with little effort."

But really I could't find more information regarding this architecture, in fact I have found a thread that seems to indicate that this option is not possible yet (link :

Can you confirm if that option is already supported ?

Additionally, any information or link to documentation about that would be very helpfult, as I was not able to find more information about it.

Thanks in advance!

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