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How to implement a Networking Line Renderer in my Script?

2022-05-14 04:19:47

Hey Im having some trouble with my script. I want the Line Renderer to be synced but I dont know how. Even after some research I dont know how to do it. May someone please write these RPC function into my script?

using UnityEngine;

using Photon.Pun;

public class GrapplingGun : MonoBehaviour {


2022-05-18 12:04:51

To render a line, you have to provide an array of points. So you could turn your drawing movement into a series of vectors and send that. Avoid sending every point on it's own and instead send a few of them every 0.x seconds instead.

Aside from using RPCs you could also setup a networked object with a PhotonView and have it call OnPhotonSerializeView() on a script of your own. I there, write / read the array and apply it to a line renderer.

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