Construct 3 Runtime Issue

The newest version of the Construct3 Photon plugin does not seem to be working at all. This was using the example file in the SDK. I have set to wss with No workers, yet only get a black screen. I receive the following errors in the console:


  • I can't reproduce.

    Did you update the plugin in Construct3 Addon Manager?

    Which version of Construct3 and which demo do you run? Does the app w/o Photon plugin works? The latest SDK means v4-1-1-0?

  • Vadim,

    I am using the following:

    Construct 3 R266


  • The latest Photon version is You use outdated version w/o Worker mode and Modules support.

    Construct 3 r266 is beta. Pease use r260 stable for tests.

    Don't forget to update the plugin in Construct3 Addon Manager.