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ThirdPersonController and Photon

2016-06-27 11:09:00

Giving a go to Photon integration with ThirdPersonController (from Opsive, Asset Store) i'm wondering if anybody here had it working and is satisfied with the results; i'm having quite issues with syncing the animations.

Did anybody try this ?


2016-06-27 12:20:53

Interesting I prob be doing this also soon.

Ive started with the default unity third person controller. (Ethan)
By adding the photon viewer and transform/anim views most of it works out of the box.

Added players are jumping around, but I think because I need to add additional code to the controller as per these:

Also..third person controller requires main camera info. My characters each have camera as a child object. They all start unactivated, and if get spawned locally the camera is activated and becomes main.
Remove or disable any default MainCameras in the scene before starting so your controller is not referencing the wrong camera for its relative movement positions.

However Ive had times where my camera effects another players keep that in mind (check for .isMine and activate the correct camera etc

Im keen to see how this thread goes as I want to also get my opsive controller implemented.



2016-06-28 11:33:53


There is a dedicated PhotonAnimatorView Component especially designed to synchronise animator controllers parameters. I would suggest you disable animator control on the slaved client instance and rely on this instead. Maybe that specific character controller doesn't have that built in, in which case I would suggest you get in touch with the author and suggest consideration for use in multi player contexts.

You can redirect the author to me if you want, we can look at that together.



2016-07-02 02:32:47


Opsive is probably the main First and Third person controller on unity store now

I believe they teamed up with you guys for their ultimate FPS controller + Photon networking.
I dont think they have integrated into third person yet?


2016-07-04 12:02:18


We are already in talk :) I think very soon I'll have the ability to provide a working solution.

I'll get back to this thread to keep you updated.



2016-07-05 09:14:12

Nice. I have both opsive FPC and TPC, would be great if youguys provided a bare bones photon version (without all the game specific stuff attached) that would be fantastic. An add on could be a voice component..

2016-07-06 12:20:21


ok, after having studied the opsive systems, it turns out it won't be possible as is, without serious modifications in the code base and a lot of wrappers being rewritten for Photon, so unfortunatly at this point, I don't think it's possible to reach a "quick" compatible solution between photon and opsive fpc and tpc.

It is possible to do, but would require a proper budget and allocated time to provide a working solution.



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