Headless Server

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I have followed the Fusion 100, tried all the examples and even created my own client host small examples. However, when it comes to the Headless Server example I am totally lost.

The example gives no indication of how the project needs to be structured. Are the Server and Clients completely separate builds? If they're separate, how on earth does a client connect to the scene defined in the headless server? Does the client need to use the same NetworkRunner defined in the server, if so how do you access it? Which one creates the rooms/sessions, the client or the server?

The client host makes perfect sense as the host and clients all use the same NetworkRunner and everything's in the same build, but I just can't get my head around the headless server sample. Can anyone give any more guidance on project structure and how a client connects to it?

Thanks for any help.


  • Okay, I have figured out the answer to at least two of my own questions:

    1. You need two separate Apps, one for the Headless Server and one for the Clients connecting. Both must use the same App ID from your Fusion Dashboard.
    2. The NetworkRunners are completely independent.

    Run the Headless Server example (you can add a SessionName if you want but it defaults to a random value).

    Run the client and call JoinSessionLobby(SessionLobby.ClientServer)

    This will show the headless server as a session you can join.

    Hope this helps others struggling with this.

  • Still looking for answers on how scene management should be handled when using a dedicated server. Still trying to work it out for myself, but haven't found a solution yet...