OnChange callback is no longer invoked for non-zeroed properties..

On build 367 (Dec 16) this change was made to the SDK. Just wanted to check what it actually meant as I think it's causing an issue but not sure what it could be. I currently have a networked property that is updated in OnSpawned() with a OnChange callback, however, after updating Fusion, the callback is no longer working after spawn. The callback does work if I call it a few frames later.

  • OnChange callback is no longer invoked for non-zeroed properties on object spawn


  • Hi @Jaynesh ,

    The overall process of using the default values from a Networked Property is being re-worked at the moment, so this behavior can change during the current development phase.

    Please, follow the discussions on our Discord Server dedicated to Fusion for any news related to this.

    By the time of this post, yes, the OnChange callbacks were not invoked anymore if they've not changed from the initial value set on the Networked Property.


    Ramon Melo

    Photon Fusion Team