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An error has occurred during a TLS handshake.

2022-08-05 13:53:07

Hi all! My application works on webgl in browser. The self-hosted server works on AWS.

I have successfully connected from the Unity-Editor and from any browser (with http but not https) to the my photon server.

I use next "PhotonServerSettings": ws:// port: 9090

But to work in WebGL, the site requires WSS otherwise the browser gives an error:

Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but attempted to connect to the insecure WebSocket endpoint 'ws://'. This request has been blocked; this endpoint must be available over WSS.

If I'm trying to connect from the Unity-Editor wss:// port: 19090

The editor shows the error:

"Connecting WebSocketsharp: An Error Has OcCurred During a Tls Handshake."

I created a subscription certificate according to the instructions. The certificate file (server.pem) put in the "deploy/bin_win64/cere" folder, the certificate is successfully installed in the logs.

What I'm doing wrong, I can’t find the answer. Please give advice.


Uploaded 2022-08-05T13:52:59+00:00 7004 bytes

PUN: 2.41

photon lib:

server: RC1



2022-08-11 10:22:02

hi, @CyborgTop

is this forum bug? I think you already managed to resolve it, right?



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