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Photon Network Unlimited Players???

2018-08-19 17:42:07

Guys, I created a game for Unity, using the PUN, there I found a license 30 days free unlimited players. But to install need to download an SDK, and configure it. I have a doubt:

If I do this, will the photon server be on some photon computer? or will it run on my computer ?, because my computer does not have the capacity to handle an infinite number of players. I'm confused! help me!


[Deleted User]
2018-08-21 09:19:14

Hi @DbVIndie,

in terms of hosting you basically have two options. The first one is using the Cloud. In this case, all servers are hosted in the Photon Cloud. There are multiple regions available spread across the globe. To host your game in the Cloud (you don't have to do any server-side stuff), you need a license. For most of our products there is a free 20 CCU license. This means that you can basically have 20 concurrent users in your game. This is obviously a very limited number of players, but this license is not meant to use when the game is live. Instead this license is meant for use in production / while developing the game. When the game goes live, you would have to choose one of the paid licenses.

The second option is to host the server on your own. In this case there is a free 100 CCU license, which again is meant for production. When the game goes live, you would have to get a paid server license with a higher or without a CCU limitation.

As far as I know there is no '30 days free unlimited players' license. Where did you find this? If you don't find this on our page (or a valid partner's page), I would avoid it.

2018-08-22 03:12:21


[Deleted User]
2018-08-23 08:07:04

Hi @DbVIndie,

a colleague told me, that there actually is a trial license for Photon Server including unlimited CCU for 30 days. You can find it here.

2018-08-23 14:35:09

thank you, help me much

2020-02-01 09:36:25

Hi sorry new to this,
After downloading the file? what will I do to it?

2020-02-04 15:16:49

For Photon Server intro you may start at

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