Photon Fusion : list of rooms created ?

I was wondering if there was a way in Fusion to have a list of the rooms already created, and have access to their name.


  • JohnTube
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    edited August 2021

    Hi @DoubleA.

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Currently you can only create a Room and join it by Name.
    Here is the snippet if you have the room name:

    _runner.StartGame(new StartGameArgs() {GameMode = mode, SessionName = roomName, ObjectPool = _pool});

    We will expose eventually a kind of Room listing with filters and Random Join based on params.

  • Hi @JohnTube

    Thank you for your answer. Is there an ETA for this "eventually" ? :) I was told there is supposed to be a release version next month, will it arrive before that ?