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Not able to set transform.position. Player keeps snapping back to position before change.

2021-09-03 00:50:50

Hi there! this is my first post here, I am having trouble moving my players to a new position when I change from scene A to scene B..
I will try my best to describe my current setup..

I have a SceneSetup script in "scene B" which contains a list of spawnpoints.(GameObjects)
I also have a PlayerManager script which is instantiated in "scene A" and set to DontDestroyOnLoad. it also has a list of "currentSpawnPoints"
my Players are also set to DontDestroyOnLoad.

when I change from scene A to B.
In Awake my SceneSetup finds the PlayerManager and populates the currentSpawnPoints List with all of the spawnpoints for that scene...

it then calls a function on the playerManager which will loop over all of the players in the scene. and set the player[i] position to spawnpoint[i] position

The issue is that my player will get set to that position for 1 frame and snap back to its previous position instantly..
I have tried calling the function in update and they get set alright (but obviously setting it every frame means the player cannot move from that position).
I have tried setting this up with RPC's and RaiseEvents however the same problems occurs...
I beleive the problems is that the position is being set.. and the PhotonTransformView sets the resyncs the position after my code is called.
i have popped debugs all through the code, and everything is being called correctly..

Here is snippets of my code, Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! :)

void Awake()
Debug.Log("SceneSetup: Awake");
playerManager = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("PlayerManager").GetComponent();


public void SetPlayerPositions() { Debug.Log("MANAGER: SetPlayerPosition"); for (int i = 0; i < players.Count; i++) { players[i].GetComponent().SetPlayerPosition(currentSpawnPoints[i].transform.position); } }



2021-09-03 01:47:50

I have found a workaround... although it seems abit sketchy....
I am disabling the character controller before setting the players transform
and then re-enabling it afterwards...

public void SetPlayerPosition(Vector3 pos)
cc.enabled = false;
transform.position = pos;
cc.enabled = true;

2021-09-03 01:50:00

if anybody has any ideas as to why this happens.. or possibly a better way to move players position it would be a great help :)
Thanks for creating such a powerful tool to create multiplayer games :)

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