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Network Object Pool question

2022-08-26 09:11:12

I called the Runner.despawn method and did not destroy the object, did I use the object pool? Is there any difference with this Network Object Pool?


2022-08-26 14:50:14

Hi, not sure if i understood, could you please explain more your problem?

Isaac Augusto

Photon Fusion Team

2022-08-28 03:53:40

That is, I created a bullet. After calling the despawn method, it will be directly hidden under the NetworkRunner node instead of being destroyed. I guess whether the object pool technology is used. So is it the same as the INetworkPool function?

2022-08-29 11:35:39

I'm sorry, i still don't quite understood.

If you're using a NetworkObjectPool , the ReleaseInstance behaviour of the INetworkObjectPool will be called when you despawn that object. If your Object Pool disables it and set the runner as the parent, then that's expected behaviour.

Isaac Augusto

Photon Fusion Team

2022-09-07 13:18:02

This question is an exploratory question, just raised for discussion. My other question is very serious, I have asked it many times and no one has answered it.

In the official example Fusion-Tanknarok, if I move a tank to ram another tank, the tank jumps up, the tank's movement component uses the NetworkCharacterControllerPrototype. Because our game has a jumping feature, this issue seriously affects the gameplay. More detailed description below:

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