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Connect time out while my codes are as same as fusion 102

2023-01-13 03:20:26

I am completely new to photon. So I try to learn it through Fusion 100. But my codes are confronted with Connection time out when a client try to start game. The following is what I met and what I have done:

  • To find out the reason, I made a small experiment. For my host could connect normally, I tried to connect another host to the same session, and it told me that there had already existed a host to the session just as expected. I don't know whether it can be regarded as evidence that the connection is working.

  • I suspect that it has something to do with the region, for I am in China mainland. So, I sent an email to photon China, and successfully activated my appId. I couldn't find the "connectToChina" function in the codes. All the references about codes are with regard to PUN. So I just modified the App settings as said in the document. Sadly, it made no sense. My connection timeout was still there without any change.

  • Another experiment was conduct after that. I logged the events that clients join and leave, and, to my surprise, it logged twice when one of my client tried to connect. As usual, the client met a StartGameException owing to connection timeout, but the host NetworkRunner told me there were 3 active players in the scene.

I checked my code carefully for 4 days while no mistake was found. The references I have covered documents of Fusion 100, Region, Timeout, Disconnect, Session and so on. I am so desperate. If any codes are needed, here they are:

my BasicSpawner:

The caller, which called by two button:

There's nothing but some SetActives in the Init function.


2023-01-13 03:24:04

Sorry, I found it is PUN block just now...I would post my question in the fusion block.

2023-01-13 08:54:55

Moved it.

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