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Fusion - Docs and Discord

2021-09-20 11:46:54

Fusion is our latest networking SDK for Unity.

The doc pages are being worked on. Currently, the download is done via the docs pages, too.

Once you got a Photon Account, Join the Discord community via the Account Dashboard, where most questions get answers quick.


2021-10-13 12:37:17

We just extended the docs with the "Fusion 101", a comprehensive guide to all things Fusion.

2021-10-15 13:56:50

Tobias 2021-10-13T12:37:17+00:00

We just extended the docs with the "Fusion 101", a comprehensive guide to all things Fusion.

This guide is super helpful. Thanks!

2021-10-23 08:57:31


First of all, Fusion looks really promising, after working for two years with PUN, this is a breath of fresh air and the fact that we can now have an actual authoritative server is great.

My question is this: Will you guys at Photon provide Fusion hosting and or scaling solutions for Fusion applications in the future? Or are there already some that exists (the only thing I found that resembeled to it was Photon Server, but I'm not quite sure what that exactly is)?

At first I imagined creating a backend that would instantiate headless Unity instances on the go, but the scaling of that might quickly become a nightmare.

2021-10-25 15:39:39

Hosting is not currently planned by us to focus on Fusion itself.

We'd recommend Multiplay, Gameye, Gamelift and or Playfab (in no particular order).

Note: I had to correct my initial reply, which said we are working on this.

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