About network rigidbody interpolation in fusion

If I turn it off, the characters move jerkily, but if I turn it on in auto, in some cases you can see how prediction pushes them through the floor or walls by inertia. Yes, it's only for a split second or less, but is it avoidable? I'm new to fusion, I apologize if I missed an option


  • You should not use Unity's built in interpolation. Which mode you set on the Rigidbody doesn't matter to Fusion. What you should do is add a NetworkRigidbody component to the GameObject. Then create a separate child objects containing just the visuals of the object under the Rigidbody and set the Interpolation target of the NetworkRigidbody component to that child object.

  • That's exactly what I did. I'm talking about NetworkRigidbody, where I passed the model without colliders. I'm talking about interpolation from prediction on the fusion side

  • Parent with NetworkRigidbody, child Model with visual part. But when someone jumps from a great height, for example, it is visually the other players see that the model sometimes goes under the floor. After which it returns to its place. I'm talking about this

  • But if i disable interpolation for NetworkRigidbody (no interpolation option) - everything works like a charm. There is no any falling through walls or ground. But other players move jerkily.

  • Ever got a solution to that problem?