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Fusion: OnReliableDataReceived does not set offsets correctly?

2022-06-07 19:05:30

I'm trying to send over large customization files over the network, as per advise I went with SendReliableDataToPlayer to achieve this. Now I'm trying to send a block of 1575 bytes, which usually arrives in 2 chunks, for example one of 1128 and 447.

I was under the impression that in the second block the received ArraySegment would have an offset value set to 1128 to indicate it is part of the same block, but it seems this offset value is always 0. Am I misunderstanding something or this a bug?

I can work around this for now by just storing the offset value locally and resetting it once a data block is complete. Still this is a bit awkward to implement and I'm a bit worried about 2 different data getting mixed up if the different chunks arrive out of order. Does fusion prevent that from happening by default?


2022-12-07 16:24:01

any update on that topic? came across same problem

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