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How to detect player disconnect or leave the game?

2022-03-03 19:38:22

This is 2 players multiplayer game kind of like tic tac toe.

As per my question is mentioning, I want to detect the callback in two situations when the player is leaving the game by choice and player gets disconnected through break down of connection.

For internet connection lose I don't have any event but I want to inform other player that opponent player is not in the game now.

For player who want to leave the game by choice, for this I have placed main menu button within the gameplay screen.

What to write in the main menu click event?

My current scene structure of the game:


2022-03-20 17:37:53

I think You Can add An Empty Object and a text in the searching players scene and add a script on it then try this code

public int PlayerCount;

int MaxPlayersPerRoom = 2;

[SerializeField] private Text alertText = null;

void Update()


PlayerCount = PhotonNetwork.CurrentRoom.PlayerCount;

if (PlayerCount != MaxPlayersPerRoom && WonPanelActive == false)





IEnumerator CheckingConnection()


Debug.Log("A Player Disconnected");

yield return null;


and don't forget to add --> using System.Collections <-- at Top of the script and if it gives any error then try replacing

IEnumerator CheckingConnection()


Debug.Log("A Player Disconnected");

yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.2f);


Maybe This Will Work.

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