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Network Security and Photon Server Ports

2022-07-12 11:30:53

We are having an Issue with an APK build for Quest 2 .

An external client ( customer ) has it installed on Quest ( which has connected to Wifi and can access you tube etc . inside headset ) . But on same 5ghz Wifi connection cannot connect to the Photon server. Could this mean they need their IT Dept. to possibly open up ports ...

5055 or 27001UDPClient to Master Server (UDP)

as the build connects and runs for them if they hotspot from Phone Data etc .

The build is fully tested outside of their company network and runs perfectly fine .

Our initial thoughts were it was just a weak Wifi signal , but it seems not.

Is there any other considerations that might cause a buisness network to block a specific App inside the Quest .. ie . is their any way to add Photon server to a WhiteList via IP etc.

Any Suggestion Greatly Appreciated


2022-07-14 13:20:09

Yes, firewalls may disallow usage of the protocols and ports Photon uses. You can try using our Alternative Ports and if that doesn't help, WSS on port 443 would be a last option (for Photon Industries customers).

Here is a list of ports to open, in case the IT department considers this option.

2022-08-30 13:21:53

Thanks for the reply

I am still awaiting the results from end users IT dept. So cannot answer yes/no yet .

I will update asap

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