Get PhotonView through Player object / Get all PhotonViews in current room

I'm having a case where I need to acess each player's photon-instantiated gameobject in a room in short intervals. I figured I could do this via


and then grab each player's individual PhotonView Component, until I figured that the Player object doesn't seem to support any functionality to do so. Am I missing something or is this just impossible?

Alternatively I'd also take some functionality to get all PhotonViews in the current room, but apart from


which could kill my performance, there seems to be none as well. Does someone have an idea how to do so in a reasonably performant way?


  • I would propose creating a list to hold the players in the room then adding to the list as a player enters through an RPC. Then run your intervals locally (preferably for performance), or through a stream, by just searching through the list of players.