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Client can't move Rigidbody scene object.

2018-02-23 13:06:50

Hey everyone I'm a new user to Photon, and I'm a little bit stuck in this moment, hope some experienced user can help me with this problem.

I have a huge problem in my game. Basically it's a physics-rigidbody based fun game, where players can grab rigidbody props from a desk and play around with them. Users can grab objects, and rotate them.

Like in this game:

My main problem is that the master can drag around the scene objects and rotate them, move them, without any problem, but the client can't.

On the client side the objects are always go back to their original positions when I try to move them.

For example if I try to grab a Cube client side and I drag it around in the room they forcing themselves to their original position, and jump back. I disabled teleporting also in the photon transform view settings. I added rigidbody view, tried different combinations of interpolation, lerp, fixed speed etc... I also changed the Owner for every object to Takeover but no change. The objects are go back to their original position. These objects are just simply placed in the scene. I'm not instantiate them or anything like this. Just simple scene objects.

Only master can grab them. Client can't.

The only thing that client can do is collide with them, If I collide with the object they are move or get pushed away.

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

Thanks for the answers!


[Deleted User]
2018-02-27 09:24:06

Hi @Zoriak,

My main problem is that the master can drag around the scene objects and rotate them, move them, without any problem, but the client can't.

It's because the MasterClient is by default the owner of a scene object. This means that he is furthermore also the controller of the object. If you want another client to use the object as well, you have to transfer the ownership to that client. To see how this works, you can either take a look at the Ownership Transfer demo from the PUN package or take a look at the related documentation page.

2022-02-28 17:01:44

Uh, sorry but, I am having the exact same issue as this post describes with a 2D game. So there can only be one owner at a time? There can't be 2 people pushing stuff around? My game basically needs this to function.

2022-03-01 13:20:03

Correct, only one client can be authoritative about the outcome of players moving objects. One client controls objects and sends their position (everyone else has to try to match that).

Maybe Quantum is a better fit for you. In it, everyone's input is applied tick by tick and the results are deterministic.

You might want to mail us what you try to achieve in your game so we could give input on that. [email protected]

2022-03-01 16:47:09

Damn, I was hoping I could use a free version of Photon (was using Pun) for this project... That's unfortunate. Guess I'll learn a better way to network.

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