Do Unity WebGL games always have to use the relay server?

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We're developing a fairly simple 2D game, almost entirely based on the Tankarok example project.

As we have to use WebGL, we're dealing with WebSockets overhead and high RTT, which we think is caused by the relay server. Incoming connections' NetAddress.IsRelayAddr is always true for WebGL builds but for standalone (.exe) is always false and the RTT difference is really noticeable - about 120ms for WebGL and 50ms for standalone builds.

All server instances (Unity headless builds) are hosted on PlayFab.

My question is - is using the relay server necessary for WebGL?



@EDIT: Okay I guess that the relay is needed because SSL is required for wss to work (obviously). So I think that the real question is - can we do anything to achieve lower RTT on WebGL?