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Strange error: Game does not exist

2012-01-04 23:13:22

Hi, I have another big problem:

I create a room with a player, and the player that create it can play it, the room is listed in the lobby correctly, but when I try to Join it it says this error:

That's very strange because the game is listed but the error says Game does not exist.

For room games I use names like this: WarArm Game N.390 - Rave, maybe the problem are all the spaces?

Thanks a lot,



2012-01-05 09:59:51

Whitespace in names is no problem.

Are you sure the first player reached the gameserver, created the room and still is connected to it? It could be a timeout of the first player: The room gets cleaned up and the other players can't join anymore.

Can you reproduce this issue?

2012-01-05 11:56:49

I think the room exist because the player who create it can call RPC and his photonView works well.

2012-01-05 12:43:03

The problem is that after that I create the room the callback OnDisconnectedFromPhoton() is called, I don't know why.

Before this callback it says an error:

2012-01-05 13:00:55

you never connect to the server correctly, likely the informations you provide in Connect are incorrect (incorrect ip / port or an invalid application name which will lead to a connection error too on Photon 3 RC6+ as you no longer fallback to the default application if the provided name is incorrect)

2012-01-05 13:31:08

I don't change the informations since I installed Photon. I try with PhotonCloud and Own Host both, but the error is the same.

2012-01-05 13:53:18

All resolved, the problem was when I generate a random number room, it was different between the host and the client.

Can I use special char (like "°") in room name?

2012-01-05 17:01:43

I would avoid special chars. They are hard to display and likely need more bytes to encode. Aside from that, they should be fine but I don't want to guarantee that either ;)

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