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Respawn player game object after dead

2022-05-09 00:56:43

I am making multiplayer fighting game using PUN2 and I made dead and respawn function after dead as following code.

public void TakeDamage(int amount)


photonView.RPC("Damage", RpcTarget.All, 10);

if (PhotonNetwork.IsMasterClient)






public void Damage(int amount)


Debug.Log("Taking Damage...");

health -= amount;

if (health <= 0)


health = 0;

if (true)






IEnumerator Respawn()


yield return new WaitForSeconds(3);

PhotonNetwork.Instantiate("PlayerArmature 1", new Vector3(-16.35f, 19.845f, 40.5966f), Quaternion.identity, 0);


When player's health is lower than 0, player destroys, but can't respawn again.

If someone could help with this, that would be thankful.

Thank you.


2022-05-09 06:53:17

C# Instantiate in Unity! - Beginner Scripting Tutorial - YouTube

2022-05-09 07:13:46

don't destroy the player first when health is 0

disable it and after sometime Increase the health =100

and enable the player and if you want to calculate something after dead like death count and all so then go with the if condition if(health<0)

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