How to make RPCs Only Call on Other Clients?


I'm building a quick demo in Photon Fusion, and for some data transfer calls I'm using RPC, and we have a Shared network setup. The issue I'm finding is that the RPC calls get called on the local machine in addition to the clients, and I only want them called on the other clients.

My understanding is that this method should only call on other clients:

[Rpc(sources: RpcSources.InputAuthority, targets: RpcTargets.Proxies, InvokeLocal = false)]

public void RPC_TestCall(string testString)


Debug.Log("Call Received: " + testString);


And it is called like this:

RPC_TestCall("Hello World");

I feel like I'm doing something entirely wrong there however, but this seems to be what the documentation says to do. Any advice would be appreciated - thank you!