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Is there an official/unofficial Photon Discord server around?

2017-05-24 14:06:28

I'd love to join it~

EDIT: Made an unofficial Photon one >>


[Deleted User]
2017-05-24 14:27:42

Hi @xblade724,

no, there isn't an official Discord for Photon. We had a similar question in November last year which you can find here.
I don't know about other Discord servers, but there are maybe channels on other (network) programming related or Unity related Discord servers with an active community.

2020-08-17 14:15:34

@xblade724 said:
I'd love to join it~

EDIT: Made an unofficial Photon one >>

Hi @xblade724, I'm looking for a discord server as well, is this one still around? Looks like this link has expired

2020-08-17 16:18:55

Official Photon discord server (no Bolt, no Quantum).
Online Gamedev [BaaS] discord server by @xblade724.

2020-08-25 21:54:34

Is bolt obsolete at this point? It's seems there is no support for it. I kind of regret buying it at this point. It's a shame, because when I did buy it (before everyone received it for free) it actually seemed useful.

2020-08-27 09:36:56

Hi @relicright,

Photon Bolt is not obsolete, it has an active community and experience, dynamic & responsive team behind it ( @ramonmelo and @stanchion ). There is a discord for Photon Bolt or you can ask question on the respective category here on the forum.

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