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Check if Client

2019-07-14 11:06:49

So in my game, when I finished putting photon views on everything, and when I tested out the game, I could control the two players with the same controls!
In uNET, all I had to do was check "localPlayer" and that would fix everything.

Is there anyway to do this with PUN?


2019-07-14 11:21:18

Edit: I got it to work by using "if (!PhotonNetwork.LocalPlayer.IsLocal)

2019-07-14 14:03:15

Hi @SullyBully,
if your class inherits from <i class="Italic">MonoBehaviourPun</i> you can use

bool isLocal = photonView.IsMine || !PhotonNetwork.IsConnected;

<i class="Italic">!PhotonNetwork.IsConnected</i> is there for the case when you want to run your map without connecting to the server.

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