[Photon Cloud] Maximum Byte[] Size for and RPC?

Hello all I am serializing a nested custom class which has the potential to get quite large and I am wondering if there is a hard limit to the size a byte[] can be within an RPC when using the Photon Cloud?


  • Tobias
    The "weak" limits will likely break your game before you hit a hard limit.
    Photon is not built to send huge data one a single message or RPCs. The focus is on messages below ~1000 Bytes.
    How much data do you expect?
  • Mentioum
    It depends how many objects they try to clone / change at once and how many properties are customised on those objects. It's very flexible from my end, I can limit maximum selected objects / further optimise things using protobuf or something similar.

    Just doing a quick test: 544 objects byte array written to a file was 70kb , the XML equivalent was 871KB

    The game shows off quite a lot of what you can do with Photon btw. Although it has its limitations you can do some v.cool stuff if you work around a bit :)

    What would you suggest doing?