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Version and update

2015-08-27 09:53:12

I'm hoping I just failed to find the existing info :)

How can I get the current version of PUN in script or even from the editor?

I would love to see an auto update feature for PUN... the advantage of even a notification would be well received. :)

Cant miss the opportUNITY to rave about how well PUN has worked for me.


2015-08-27 09:56:08

Sry! I really meant to ask about the installed version in use, not the "current" version lol.

2015-08-27 15:43:30

Thanks for the kind words! We're super happy to read PUN worked so well for you!
When you have the time, add a Asset Store review :)

For the version:
Check PhotonNetwork.versionPUN. It should align with the version number of an update and can be found in the changelog.txt.

AutoUpdate would be nice in some cases but as we do some changes every now and then, each update has the potential to break your stuff. The Asset Store shows you at least when a newer version is available.

2015-08-28 05:49:10


The words are well earned.

I updated my Asset Store review to include my experience with U5-PUN updating/usage just before starting this thread :) and noticed it was the first review shown. I had overlooked clicking the star rating, so I was happy to do that as well.

Your concerns about a true "auto update" are obviously valid, Unity simply notifies us an update is available, while (recently) also warning us to backup our project before installing. Could I maybe sell you on something along those lines?


PS If you gave me a URL, updated with the current version of PUN stored in a text file, I could probably write the code for an "update alert" since you told me how to get the installed version (although editor scripts aren't my strongpoint) ... sounds like a great FREE editor script asset? heheheh

2015-08-28 14:22:55

Thanks for writing a review! Those are always appreciated.

We can't update yet another file somewhere on a server to contain the current version. The process to update the Asset Server is already more or less manual, so it would add to an already big pile of work.
But: How about loading the HTML from the Asset Store and reading the version from there? That's guaranteed up to date :)

2015-08-29 01:11:30


I thought of the HTML as soon as I hit "post" lol. I presume you find it acceptable for me to pursue, given you had the same thought. I could follow Unity's lead and simply pop up a message alerting to a higher version available... since it would be a script no real need for a don't show this checkbox, fairly straight forward.

Unless you warn me off, I think I'll take a stab at it... I actually missed a couple of updates that might have benefitted me in the past, so I believe some would find it useful (though I dread learning the submission process).

I had also mentioned making it a editor script, but I think it would be better as a standard script that could be dropped into any project that uses PUN. Thus making the notification show only while running the project in the editor, at the relevant point of working on a photon project, that the dev set up that way with the script in question.

... and no I certainly don't wanna make more work for you guys :) ...You do a great job and I'm in a position to appreciate the labor involved. Please keep it up!


2015-08-30 00:25:45


I know you're busy, no need to respond, but I wanted to tell you that parsing the Asset Store page would have been a nightmare ! Luckily I stumbled across the PUN thread in Unity Forums, where there is a simple HTML page I can easily parse. That page appears to be updated regularly regarding PUN updates also. I think it may work :)


2015-08-31 06:02:17

Done and script posted here:

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